Apple iPhone 8 leaks

As you are reading this apple is reportedly manufacturing 2017 iPhones. iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus and iPhone 8 are going to release the year somewhere around mid-September. Many photos have been leaked. As you can see, there will be a full screen display with no home button.


There has been a rumour that the Touch ID will be included in whole of the screen but internal sources scrapped that rumour. The major change will be in its appearances. Majorly the iPhone 8 will be all screen and no home button and yeah the camera panel will see a 90 degree twist clockwise!


This time the major update will be all hardware. As you can see below the image leaked by Evan Blass. There is a iPhone within a neon yellow case, much like the Urban Armor Gear shell for the iPhone 7. Unlike the exclusive leaks Engadget obtained in May, the latest image is just of the front of the phone. It suggests the top of the phone will have a notch for the dual camera sensors and central earpiece -- the rest of the front will be taken up by the phone's display. As usual, it's best to greet this latest render with a dash of skepticism and for the starters the date in the image is March.

As it is allways better to to watch than read. So, here is the video about iphone 8 leaks.

And this as well...

All I'm waiting for iPhone 8 to come as this will allow me to buy iPhone 7 (li'l tight on budget, you know!)

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