Are you serious about muscle buliding?! Follow these steps then.

Muscle building the primary goal of majority of those gym lads! But are you doing it right?! The fascinating process of muscle building is called hypertrophy. There are many forms of trading that can be done. High Rep Pump Training, High Intensity Training, High Volume Training and what not. But all these are merely looking at one of the few mechanisms responsible for muscular growth. But if you want to make the process right and speedy, follow these 4 fundamentals and muscle growth is guaranteed.

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Mechanical Tension — Heavy Lifting

Mechanical tension is all about heavy lifting. You need to push your limits by using heavy loads to recruit maximum muscle fibres. Heavy weights breaks the existing muscle fibres thus producing micro-traumas in muscle, body takes it as a threat grow bigger and stronger muscle fibres.

Exercise includes, bench press, barbell rows, deadlifts and squats. The rest period should be sufficient otherwise it will only hinder you from reaching your maximum potential. 3-5 minutes will be suffice.

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Metabolic Stress — Chase The Pump And Burn!

This part includes exercises such as lateral raise, cable curls, reverse flies and rope pushdowns The reps ranges from 15 to 40 and the rest period should be as short as possible. Resting too much will dissipate it and obstruct the gain train. 30-60 sec rest between each set is ideal.

The idea of short rest period came when, Dr. David Gundermann from the University of Tampa, isolated muscle tissues and put them with lactic acid. And guess what? They showed growth response.

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Maximum Time Under Tension

Speedy reps is what you should not go for. You're just moving the loads and not targeting your muscles. Slow and controlled negatives (eccentrics) and explosive yet restrained concentric are crucial for putting tension on your muscle fibres. For compound lifts I recommend 1.5-2 seconds of eccentric and 1 second of concentric phase. For isolation movements slower eccentrics of 3-4 seconds and controlled concentric of 2 seconds are optimal.

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Progressive Overload

Of all the fundamental concepts this is the most important one. Progressive overload means that you are continually increasing the demands on your muscles in order to make gains in their strength and size.

This includes: Increase Loads (most crucial) —> Increase Sets —> Increase Repetitions —> Increase Frequency —> Increase Exercises —> Increase Intensity —> Decrease Rest Time.

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